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About Aron Murch

Defining who I am and what I do, as well as a webpage knows how.

My Story

Where it all started

Hi, I'm Aron Murch, and as it says on my homepage, I'm a partner at 2H Media. I stepped into business at a pretty young age, stumbling through photoshop back when most people I knew were still on dial-up. While my parents were transitioning their small import company, Nomad Silver, into a thriving wholesale piercing supplier, I was taking in everything they were doing and developing my entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up in a business environment, I got involved as early as I could, and was given the opportunity to develop my branding and eCommerce skills in the relative safety of our family business.

Aron Murch standing against brick wall

My Journey

How I got here

In my early adult life, I hit the ground running. Armed with an aptitude for design, a passion for innovation, and a drive to see where any and every opportunity would take me, I pursued numerous avenues for personal growth, finding myself involved in a number of start-ups. By my mid twenties, I had done business in 8 countries, crossed over from marketing and imports into the board game industry, been a partner in a restaurant and seen it grow into a small chain, and finally stepped away from it all and crossed back into marketing.

What now?

Finding my focus

In my time exploring the endless possibilities of the entrepreneurial life, I learned more lessons than I could possibly share in a single webpage. But, if I had to pinpoint one lesson that sticks out at this particular moment in time, it would be the value of focus. Over the past several months, I have had the luxury of pouring the majority of my time into the continued growth of 2H Media. The nature of a marketing agency is that I get to satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit by jumping from industry to industry; taking part in the explosion of the Canadian cannabis market, supporting new projects in the board game space, witnessing the evolution of the Canadian Mortgage sector, and even finding time to mentor small business owners. While the range of work has kept me satisfied, staying focused on one initiative has allowed me to continue developing my own skills, dedicate time to nourishing the company, and most importantly, set aside more time for my very patient family.

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